Creativity Kiosk: Dullness

I am STRONGLY convinced that most organizations systematically suffocate creativity out of their employees. They hire for dullness, manage for dullness, evaluate for dullness, and promote for dullness. Why? Because, a) they don’t believe creative people have anything to offer (the old business bias that creatives don’t have business smarts); b) they are so stressed they don’t want an employee they perceive as being “more difficult” or taking more time to manage; and c) they are threatened by high performers (if you’re up on creativity, you know that successfully creative people are more productive).

I want to hear from you. I want to know whether you agree with me or not. Whether you’ve more often seen creativity crushed or cultivated. Email me (please include the subject line of Creativity Question) and give me your take on this issue.

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