Creativity Kiosk: When you don’t succeed

When at first you don’t succeed…

Taking risks is part and parcel of being creative. It’s all about spreading your wings and trying new things.
Nikola Tesla, when a child, tried to fly. He perched on the edge of the barn’s roof, holding his parents’ umbrella. Finally, he convinced himself that he could fly. His mother found him unconscious and carried him off to bed.

Okay, maybe it isn’t about spreading your wings in that fashion! But it is all about not being afraid to make mistakes. One key point that sets creative people apart is that they don’t look at their mistakes as failures. Instead they view them as ways to learn or improve. They try and try again!

Ford’s first attempt at building a motorcar resulted in a car with no reverse gear. His second attempt didn’t make that same mistake.

Why? Because they’ve learned that it is only when you make a lot of mistakes that you’ll accomplish something great. It’s all in being productive, trying your hand at many things. And often, an error will lead to something great.

Alexander Graham Bell was inspired to start development of the telephone when he read an account, written in German, describing an invention that he thought had the function of a telephone. After demonstrating his working telephone, Bell learned that, because of the language barrier, he has misunderstood the report, and the German invention had an entirely different function.

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by Michael Michalko

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