Creativity Kiosk: Convincing Yourself

If you want to be more creative, the most important thing you can do is convince yourself that you ARE creative. You may be telling yourself aren’t creative. You do not want to say this anymore. Why? Because when you tell yourself you aren’t creative, you shut out any creative ideas. Subconsciously you are telling your brain that it isn’t okay to be innovative.

The good news is that when you tell yourself that you ARE creative, you actually give yourself permission to become creative.

Psychologists discovered years ago that changing your role changes your behaviour. Some researchers studied union members promoted to management. Pretty soon, instead of talking union talk, these old-union men started talking and walking the management walk. This is what happens when you tell yourself that you are creative. You take on the role of a creative person. You actually start looking at the world differently (because, after all, you are a creative person and creative people see things differently). You start talking and walking the creative walk.

Once you start thinking that you are creative, there is a wealth of things you can do to spark your imagination. Check out what history’s greatest innovators did. Also get some tips from other articles. And see if you are guilty of killing creativity in others.

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