Does your organization need a creative jolt? Jean’s mission is to make creativity the new corporate caffeine – energizing as many people as possible.

Imagine how creativity training could help your employees become more creative. Jean will train your staff on how to use creativity tools and techniques so that better decisions are made and more innovative solutions address workplace problems.

Innovation 101 – Foundations of Innovation

Your staff will learn basic creativity techniques to help them come up with better solutions to workplace challenges.

Innovation 201 – Applied Innovation

In this workshop, we’ll take the techniques learned in Innovation 101 and apply them to some common workplace challenges. Participants will also learn a more advanced creativity technique – one that generates truly creative solutions.

Innovation 301 – Innovation Strategy

It’s not enough to be creative. Sometimes you have to be strategic in how you apply creativity. If your workplace is change resistant or you have managers who talk about needing creativity but don’t follow through and apply creative ideas, then you’ll find this workshop helpful in changing your creativity culture.

Problem Solving With Pizzazz

Some people just have that style, that pizzazz! They always seem to stand out in a crowd. Fortunately, we can learn techniques that put pizzazz into our problem-solving – techniques that make our work stand out. This innovative workshop is fast-paced, fun and full of new ways to problem-solve.

Learning From Leonardo

Leonardo da Vinci was perhaps the greatest genius of all time. Not only was he a master painter and sculptor, he was also an engineer, a military strategist, a physicist and more. This workshop looks at what made Leonardo so innovative AND productive. Jean then takes his practises and modifies them to better fit today’s fast paced, highly stressed workplaces. Participants learn how to come up with more innovative ideas in a shorter period of time. Ideas come faster, fit better, and have more fire!

Creativity as a Game of Baseball

By comparing creativity to a baseball game, Jean teaches participants both what stops a team from getting to home, and what scores. Participants learn what’s needed in their workplace to hit creative home runs and win the game. Before heading home, each person comes up with a game plan for coaching their team to win the innovation game.

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