Jean Dickson

Jean Dickson simplifies and demystifies the process of creativity.

She’s known for helping individuals maximize their business effectiveness. How? By tossing the tried and oh-so-very tired solutions and bringing in inspired solutions. It’s out with the out-dated. And in with creative solutions that help business compete in today’s tough marketplace.

Jean’s publications range from award-winning scholarly papers on business issues to e-zine articles and storytelling.  She’s also an award winning public speaker.

I am STRONGLY convinced that most organizations systematically suffocate creativity out of their employees. When it gets right down to it, creativity isn’t cultivated in corporations because most executives created their own personal success by imitating, not inventing. As a result, they place a higher value on imitation than invention.

The most perceptive CEOs, however, choose concrete creativity instead of imaginary innovation.

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