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Nikola Tesla, when a child, tried to fly. He perched on the edge of the barn’s roof, holding his parents’ umbrella. Finally, he convinced himself that he could fly. His mother found him unconscious and carried him off to bed. Read more.

Have you ever trained fleas to not jump out of a jar? All you have to do is put fleas in a glass jar, and then screw on a lid. They’ll jump and they’ll bounce. And after a while, they’ll get sick and tired of banging their heads against that bright, shiny ceiling. So they’ll stop jumping as high. Read more.

What’s the purpose of going shopping for food if all you do when you get home is throw it in the garbage? You don’t do that with the food you buy – so why are you doing that with your ideas? Read more.

An old story says Edison always believed in taking the people he was thinking of hiring out to lunch. When the soup arrived, he would sit back and watch. Those that tasted the soup before salting it, he wouldn’t immediately cross them off his list. Read more.

When your child is stubborn and drives you up the wall, do you see it as a positive trait or a negative? You may be surprised to learn that your child is in good company! Read more.

Innovative ideas are often so practical people ask, “Why didn’t anyone think of that?” I was reminded of this just this week. The peninsula where I live has cable ferries that carry the cars back and forth to the greater land mass of the city. Read more.

I am STRONGLY convinced that most organizations systematically suffocate creativity out of their employees. They hire for dullness, manage for dullness, evaluate for dullness, and promote for dullness. Read more.

What if they laugh at me? Laughter can also be used as a club to kill creativity. Our instinctive reaction to ideas that don’t conform to our expectations is to laugh at them. Read more.

Unfortunately, there are some situations where it might be smarter to be conventional instead of innovative. Unfortunately there are A LOT of bosses and organizations that are scared of creativity. And unfortunately, people are often punished instead of rewarded for thinking two steps ahead of everyone else. Read more.

If you want to be more creative, the most important thing you can do is convince yourself that you ARE creative. You may be telling yourself aren’t creative. You do not want to say this anymore. Why? Because when you tell yourself you aren’t creative, you shut out any creative ideas. Read more.

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