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            JDDQ series of bridge stacker and JDDM series of loading machine for my company to design, development and development of a new generation of logistics and transportation equipment, bulk products by the measurement, after packaging, through the sewing machine conveyor package to the corresponding collection Conveyor, through the role of the stacker, loading machine (group) to achieve the finished product package from the package to the heap package, loading the whole process of mechanized transport and stacking, loading process, the machine has a beautiful appearance, smooth operation, Easy operation, low failure rate, easy maintenance and so on. Specific features are as follows:

            1. Equipment configuration Driving along the length of the direction of the warehouse walk, driving in line with national quality standards, no
            waist, trembling, movement jitter phenomenon, the use of no deformation after the occurrence;

            2. Lift car with Jiangda proprietary hydraulic brake control, to avoid the role of gravity caused by the car control delay;

            3. Due to the frequent start, special set Jiangda proprietary start and travel agencies, effectively reduce the start moment of noise, and
            can effectively extend the service life of the equipment;

            4. Turning the body by a special treatment, bag bag in the corner after the body, natural, smooth, no hanging bag, block package,
            stagnation and other phenomena occur, the entire transmission line is stable, safe and reliable;

            5. Can be through the electrical control system and computer control system to complete the full mechanization operation;

            6. Widely used in food, mining, metallurgy and other industries finished package transport, stacking and loading operations.