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            1. Reference to foreign advanced technology and combined with our years of production
            experience to produce the original type of conveyor equipment;

            2. The first wheel adopts the glue process, increases the friction coefficient, prevents the
            belt skidding, runs the deviation, enhances the transmission efficiency;

            3. The machine adopts the gravity tensioning form, and the tail wheel adopts the
            spokes-type self-cleaning structure, which effectively prevents the material from
            adhering to the wheel surface and affects the lifting effect;

            4. The head is equipped with a reverse stop device, which can prevent the phenomenon
            of plugging due to the sudden stop causing the lifting band to reverse;

            5. Bucket using high-strength plastic bucket or iron bucket, with high strength, full
            coefficient of the advantages of large;

            6. All materials impacted parts are equipped with detachable polymer or high manganese
            steel wear-resisting liner;

            7. Configuration of maintenance doors, observation windows, dust suction tuyere,
            equipped with speed, deviation, plugging and axial temperature detection and other
            security devices;

            8. The machine has beautiful appearance, large lifting volume, good sealing performance,
            long service life, low energy consumption and low material breakage;

            9. Widely used in ports, terminals, silos and other large tonnage, ultra-high-altitude
            particles, powder materials vertical transmission.