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            1. the reference to foreign counterparts advanced technology and combined with our years of production experience to produce the
            original type of conveyor equipment;

            2. the chain adopts high-strength welding bending plate chain, the axle pin, the chain plate, the scraping piece passes through the
            special treatment, has the high intensity, the wear-resisting performance is good characteristic;

            3. the scraper has special ultra-high polymer wear-resisting material, to avoid the direct friction between the conveyor chain and the
            scraper shell, effectively reduce the operating noise and prolong the service life of the equipment;

            4. the equipment cover plate, the bottom plate, the side board all is thedetachable type structure, in order to overhaul, the replacement;

            5. the tail set fixed guide type tensioning device, low failure rate, good sealing performance, easy to operate;

            6. simple structure, flexible process layout, can be more points to feed or discharge;

            7. equipped with a repair port, observation window, dust suction tuyere, equipped with speed, plugging and axial temperature detection
            and other safety devices;

            8. the appearance of the whole machine, large transmission, good sealing performance, long service life, energy consumption
            and low material breakage;

            9. widely used in ports, docks, silos and other horizontal or inclination less than 15 ° of various particles, flake and powdery materials
            large tonnage, super long-distance material transport.