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            1. digestion and absorption of foreign counterparts advanced technology;

            2. the spiral conveyor is divided into two kinds of series, one Kind is "semicircle" type namely ordinary conveyer, the other is "full circle" type
            namely tubular spiral conveyer, the helix Vane has the left hand, the right turn and the equal pitch and the variable pitch cent;

            3. the overall shape of the shell, blade monolithic compression, fully ensure the equality of the pitch and concentric angle of consistency;

            4. the middle hanging structure using ultra-high polymer wear-resisting material assembly, its wear resistance can reach seven times
            times of steel quality, the operation process does not need refueling lubrication, to avoid material pollution;

            5. equipped with a repair port, observation window, dust suction tuyere, and according to user requirements can be equipped with
            blocking doors, cleaning doors and other auxiliary structures, equipped with speed, plugging and axial temperature detection and other
            security devices;

            6. the appearance of the whole machine, good sealing performance, long service life, flexible process layout, can be more points into
            and more points out;

            7. widely used in various particles, flake and powdery materials, horizontal, tilt or vertical transmission.