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            Reference to foreign counterparts advanced technology and combined with our years of production experience and development of prototype conveyor equipment. This series of equipment has fewer points of failure, good sealing effect, long service life, large conveying output, stable and reliable operation, can be more unloading, unloading material clean and so on; equipment throughout the sealing, especially applicable to transport environment requirements of a higher logistics venues, and transmission components all external, easy to overhaul and maintenance, the specific characteristics are as follows:


            1. the first round of special non-toxic rubber, into the reverse thread drum
            shape, and after static balance and dynamic balance check, the outlet is
            equipped with a special "plow" type material cleaning device to ensure that
            the conveying material can all be unloaded into the head funnel, the end of
            the return tape is equipped with a "V"-shaped sweeper, in order to clean
            the conveyor belt without paragraph of the material;

            2. the bearing layer adopts dumbbell-type ask roller structure, transmission
            parts external, so as to repair; The return layer adopts the design principle
            of idler roller, and the upper and lower conveying belt is isolated from
            the outside and the dust-proof effect is good;

            3. the tail using a sealed type of automatic return device, to fundamentally
            solve the problem of tail accumulation, in order to achieve the entire
            equipment dust-laden effect;

            4. feed mouth with the adjustable buffer baffle, so that the material drop to
            the conveyor belt on the accumulation, and reduce the impact of material on
            the tape, on both sides of the feeding trough with rubber stalls to prevent
            material leakage;

            5. the floor and the side plate and the conveyor belt are equipped with
            ultra-high polymer antistatic, wear-resisting liner, effectively prolong the
            service life of the equipment;

            6. the head and tail of the conveyor are provided with a special built-in
            type (conveyor belt) elastic anti-deflection device;

            7. according to the equipment length and the use condition, may use the unique airtight telescopic type screw tensioning mode,
            the fixed track type Gravity tensioning way and the slide trolley tensioning method, and has the tensioning limit device;

            8. equipped with a repair port, observation window, dust suction tuyere, equipped with speed, deviation, plugging and axial temperature
            detection and other safety devices;

            9. widely used in ports, terminals, silos, such as large tonnage, super long distance of the horizontal or dip less than 15 ° of various
            particles, flake and powdery materials conveying. Can be used alone, can also be multiple units or with other transport equipment;

            10. Multi-point discharging device uses motor to control the lifting of unloading platform and the rotation of unloading plough, and adopts
            high precision limit switch to control the lifting height of unloading platform and the rotation angle of unloading plough, unloading work is
            rapidly changing, unloading platform and unloading plow are covered with high polymer material to improve the service life of Belt and
            equipment; division between unloading plough and unloading platform can be adjusted in the process of equipment operation;