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            Jiangsu jiangda Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.(former Wujiang jiangda Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.) as "Jiangsu Province, high-tech enterprises, Jiangsu Province Machinery Industry Association vice president of units".Company is located in Tongli, Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, the scenic area, 16 km from downtown Suzhou, Shanghai 80 km, the transportation is very convenient. The company occupies 107 acres and currently employs 293 people, of whom five were senior engineers, engineers 27 people, workers 41 people, college education accounted for more than one-fifth of the total number of employees. Company specializing in the production of transportation equipment, is set Branch, engineering and trade as one of the joint-stock cooperative enterprises, under the Transportation Equipment Division, environmental protection equipment division, Jiangda Machinery Steel Company, Jiangda machinery sales company, the Ministry of Production, Technology , Process Design Department, Automation Department, Engineering Department, QC Department, Equipment Department, Purchasing Department, Administration Department, Planning Department, Finance Department and Legal Department.

            Conveyor equipment division main products are belt conveyor, air cushion conveyor, multi-point unloading machine, bucket elevator, scraper conveyor, screw conveyor and bridge packer (finished goods warehouse palletizer) series Transportation equipment; environmental protection equipment division main products are food dust filter equipment, coal-fired boilers multi-pollutant collaborative treatment equipment, solid waste incineration flue gas purification equipment. In recent years, I rely on the modern enterprise management mechanism, strong technical force, advanced manufacturing methods, improve the quality assurance system, and tertiary institutions and research institutes with the strong assistance, continue to digest and absorb foreign advanced technology, in Product design, production, installation and commissioning has accumulated rich practical experience, the product has a leading domestic counterparts.

            On June 18, 2002, the company invested to set up Wujiang Jiangda Machinery and Equipment Installation Company. The company mainly undertakes the manufacture, installation and commissioning of oil, feed, flour, rice and starch processing plants and port conveying equipment and non-standard equipment since Since its establishment, has successfully constructed dozens of installation and commissioning projects.

            On January 22, 2003, the company invested in Wujiang Jiangda Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. The steel structure company covers an area of 45 mu and the new factory building is 13500㎡. It was put into operation on October 17, 2003. The company's main project is a new light steel structure Design, manufacture and installation.

            With the adjustment of national port construction policies, especially allowing enterprises and individuals to participate in the construction, the construction, expansion and reconstruction of coastal port terminals will further rise in the near future. Construction of bulk shipping ports (terminals) other than special handling equipment , The main is conveying equipment, especially large-tonnage belt conveyor, air-cushion conveyor and hoist. However, earlier large-tonnage bulk material handling systems built in China generally adopted imported products such as TRAMCO, HI-ROLLER, DIVINALATOR, STOLZ in France and REDLER in the UK, while domestic enterprises can only undertake some auxiliary engineering. However, due to its expensive imported products, long lead times and after-sales service can not be put in place in a timely manner, the quality of the port and the quality of the port will be greatly affected. Since 2002, our company has concentrated its technical strength and passed on many foreign counterparts In the product and technical cooperation, successfully digest and absorb foreign port conveyor machinery manufacturers of advanced technology, has successfully contracted Guangdong Fengyuan (Yangjiang Port), Guangdong Changsheng Oil (Maoming, Guangdong), Guangxi Qinzhou Ocean Oil (Tianjin), Qinhuangdao, Longkou Hongqi (Longkou Port), Jiangsu Jianghai Oil (Zhangjiagang), Qingdao Bohai Sea (Qingdao Port), Zhanjiang Bohai Sea, Guangxi Beihai Port, Liaoning Jinzhou Port and other large tonnage bulk material handling systems Engineering, the whole product index is excellent, the user reflects more satisfied, and successfully replaced the imported product. At the same time, the company expanded on July 27, 2003, newly leasing 55 acres of land and 15500㎡ new building with a total investment of 65 million yuan. The project was put into operation on April 11, 2004. After the expansion of the company, the leading products were delivered from a single grain and oil Mechanical extension to the port conveyor machinery, the company also completed a smooth transition from grain and oil machinery to port machinery product restructuring and production structure, to fill the original use of foreign technology in Jiangsu Province and even the domestic production of large port conveying equipment blank. Products have passed provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological appraisal, product indicators and performance reached the international advanced level, the key structure has been the national patent. Now the company's product delivery capacity has reached: hoist 1500 tons / hour, scraper conveyor 2000 tons / hour, air-cushion conveyor 3000 tons / hour, belt conveyor 3000 tons / hour.

            Environmental Protection Equipment Division was established in March 2014, specializing in solid waste incineration flue gas purification technology and equipment, coal-fired boiler multi-pollutant co-treatment technology and equipment, food storage dust filter dust technology and equipment, after years of hard work, the division In engineering design, equipment research and development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning has accumulated rich practical experience.

            The company for many years by all levels of government and credit departments as "advanced enterprise", "the contract and trustworthy enterprise", "AAA" -level credit enterprises and so on; by the British Moody International Certification Limited audit; in March 2003 7 Day passed ISO9001 (2000) quality management system certification; May 2006 was named "Jiangsu Province famous enterprises" in October 2006 was named "Top Ten Conveyor Well-known brands," in October 2006 through the ISO14001 (2004 ) Environmental Management System Certification; April 2007 was named "China Grain and Oil Association food logistics branch executive director and deputy secretary units" in 2009 and 2010 was named "Jiangsu Province, the best private enterprise goodwill," "Jiangsu Province Top ten private enterprises ", in 2011 and 2012 was named" top 100 private enterprises in Jiangsu Province ", in July 2013 was named" top ten private enterprises in Jiangsu Province ", the same year in November was awarded the" Suzhou Enterprise Technology Center "and so on. In 2014, it was awarded as" Advanced Enterprise of Wujiang Development Zone of Suzhou City "in 2014;" Advanced Enterprise of Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction of Wujiang Development Zone of Suzhou City "in 2015;" Machinery Industry of Jiangsu Province "in March 2016 Vice president of the Society; May 2017 was named "Jiangsu Province machinery industry innovator of advanced enterprises."

            People-based, I believe in God. "Honesty" is our business purposes, our company will be truth-seeking, progressive and efficient service to you.