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            After-Sales service commitment

            (1) Warranty period: 

            Perform performance testing after 72 hours (3 days) of successful and satisfactory operation of the equipment, and after the test is qualified for a period of one years. 

            (2) Service Content and commitment: 

            1、in the normal use of equipment (warranty period), free replacement of damaged 0, parts; 

            2、in the process of equipment use (outside the warranty period), accessories, vulnerable parts of the replacement only charge the cost; 

            3、the owner in the use of our products in the process (including the shelf life of equipment outside), if there is a site service requirements, our maintenance staff can be within 72 hours to arrive on-site service. 

            4、our company opened 24-hour after-sales service hotline:0512-63333000/63323698.

            Product warranty period and quality assurance

            Quality Assurance:

            Our company guarantee that the goods are brand-new, unused, and in the design materials selection, processing and manufacturing, production, inspection, acceptance and other aspects of the quality, specifications and performance requirements, to ensure that the goods are properly installed, reasonable operation and maintenance, in the life of the goods working well. In the stipulated warranty period, I division of the product design, process and material defects caused by the production of fault, Division I received the buyer's notice in three (3) days, free of charge to repair or replace defective parts or machine.